Why are people going to the ER for weed? Doctors talk on emergency room visits

For a seasoned cannabis user, it might seem a little strange that people are traveling to the emergency room for issues related to marijuana.

Unlike alcohol or pharmaceuticals — which bring hundreds of thousands to the ER each year — no one has ever died from cannabis use alone, a fact the federal government backs up. Overdosing on an edible or hash-dab can be a truly miserable experience, but currently the primary remedy in most cannabis cases is time and relaxation.

So why go to the hospital?

Recent statistics show there has been a significant leap in the number of people showing up to the emergency room for marijuana — particularly in legalized states. Does this mean that the marijuana health epidemic prohibitionists warned us about has finally arrived? Or can all this be chalked up to inexperienced straights trying pot for the first time, freaking out and not knowing what to do other than go straight to the hospital?

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