There’s a Film Festival for People Who Get Turned on by Bicycles

The genre of bike porn can be taken as literally or as figuratively as you like. Sex with bikes, sex on bikes, sex utilizing bike-related paraphernalia… With “pedalphelia,” the possibilities are limitless. However, few have explored bikes and sexuality quite like Reverend Phil Sano, founder of the Bi​ke Smut Film Festival.

“As long as people have been getting on bikes, people have been getting off on bikes,” he says while sitting outside Velowood Cyclery, the bike shop that hosted the annual festival when it passed through Denver on the first weekend in November. Sano—an ordained minister for something called the Church of Bicycle Jesus in Seattle who looks like what would have happened if David Cross had starred in Boogie Nights—has devoted himself to spreading the gospel of sex and bicycles.

Bicycle Fetishists