Obama Talks Getting Stoned and Conan Rips GOP at White House Correspondents Dinner

On Saturday night, Conan O’Brien took on hosting duties for the second time since 1995 at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and apparently his years on network television have not affected his ability to skewer politicians and pundits with some unrelenting jabs at the most sensitive news of the day. Taking on guns and gays, Mitt and Maddow, Biden and Boehner, this jolly ginger slaughtered every recognizable name and issue in politics today with his spot-on ribbing.

Unlike the trite and predictable Comedy Central roasts, the Correspondents’ Dinner continues to offer relevant, bare-knuckle comedy. Those who’ve made it in Washington usually live in a showbiz shell of pandering and neutrality; unlikely the raunchy celebrities toasted by CC roasts, these guys have something to lose when faced with dark and hilarious truths — which makes for an electric tension during the Correspondents’ Dinner that is unmatched anywhere in live comedy.

Obama with straight hair