Jim Breuer on God, Weed and the Death of Chris Farley

Known as a blitz-eyed giggler from Half Baked, or the animal-hybrid, nostalgia talk-show host Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live, Jim Breuer has been subtly shifting his comedy content over the last five years, relating stories of domestic life and spiritual yearning through his autobiography and documentary. While avoiding any kind of religious conversion salesmanship (unlike his Half Bakedco-star, Stephen Baldwin), Breuer does not renounce his place as a stoner icon, or his years as a Joe Pesci impersonating superstar on SNL; instead, he uses those experiences to pass on some anecdotal, comedic wisdom to his audiences — going beyond tag lines like “That’s a fully, man.”

When we spoke with him In advance of his five-show run at Comedy Works South, Breuer said he was excited to perform at the more suburban Comedy Works location, as much as he holds affection for the downtown club. Digging through his back catalogue of ’90s comedy history, he talked with us about the glamor and illusions of high-profile comedy, and struggling to maintain a marriage and sanity while operating next to self-destructive yet brilliant icons like his late friend Chris Farley.

Jim Breuer