If Humor Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac, Then Why Are So Many Comedians Lonely?

It’s probably the biggest cliche in the history of dating: You’re looking for someone with a sense of humor. But since it has nothing to do with money, social stature or good looks — things people are often most insecure about in dating — why is humor such a big deal? The current science on the issue suggests that women are drawn toward men who crack wise, while men are attracted to a woman who will laugh at their jokes — and never the reverse. That’s a pretty convincing observation, especially when paired with online-dating stats and evolutionary-biology theories.

But how does this fit with the fact that most male comedians are hopeless at dating (or at least that’s what they consistently rant about on stage)? If the basic function of your job is to exude what is (supposedly) the most attractive quality a single male can have, a sense of humor, why aren’t these dudes cleaning up?

Louis CK