Denver comedy collective The Grawlix thrives without fleeing to the coasts

Whether it’s Austin, Seattle or Detroit, every non-coast comedy scene deals with the same conundrum: You build a community of talented standups, and just when things are looking good, the scene’s most prominent comics ditch their home-town for the sink-or-swim world of L.A. or New York. Though Denver’s comedy trio, The Grawlix, are seeking to break that tradition, and with a highly successful monthly stage show, a hilarious web series (often featured on Funny Or Die) and their new, Amazon funded sit-com pilot, Those Who Can’t, they’re chances of remaining land-locked funny-men are looking pretty good.

“By the standards of any scene, we all should have left Denver four or five years ago,” says Grawlix’s Adam Cayton-Holland, who was named one of Esquire’s Best New Comedians in 2012 and enjoyed a standup spot on Conan last January. “You hit a glass ceiling in a smaller city, and that’s when everyone moves. But we’re a test case that asks: What if a group of comics became good, and stayed in their scene?”

Ben Roy