Colorado Sold Almost 75 Tons of Pot and 5 Million Edibles in 2014

On Friday, Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division released its first annual report on the state’s regulated pot industry, offering comprehensive data on the sale, licensing, taxing and investigations of weed in 2014. While there have been plenty of newspaper polls and think-tank studies on the subject, no organization has previously had access to this much data, which offers a proper glimpse into the nature of the world’s first fully regulated, seed-to-sale pot market.

After pouring over “37 million recorded events,” the MED report says that “109,578 pounds of medical marijuana flower were sold,” and “38,660 pounds of retail flower sold,” meaning a grand total of nearly 75 tons of cannabis was purchased. While flower (buds) were more popular with medical marijuana patients, edibles were a bigger hit with recreational buyers, who purchased 2.8 million edible products, compared to 1.9 million for those with prescriptions. (It’s worth noting that medical edibles can be significantly stronger than recreational ones.)

MJ in jars