Colorado GOP Targets Millenials, Black Christians and Latino Moms With #IVoteRepublican Campaign

When a hardcore Democrat encounters someone who is young, gay, poor, an artist, or a racial minority and who also identifies as a Republican, a confused look of disgust often crosses his or her face, as if an unpleasant and unidentifiable odor just entered the room. The confusion is understandable, since there is statistical evidence that the Democratic Party comfortably holds many of these groups beneath their blue thumb. But Colorado Republican Party chairman Ryan Call believes Democrats often bully people into reinforcing this stereotype. He says his party is not out of touch with creative, young, minority folk and aims to prove it with his #IVoteRepublican campaign.

“We’re approaching issues differently than how our party has in the past,” Call told me recently. “We recognized that there is a disconnect with the way people view the Republican Party and the way the policies we seek to advance impact individual people’s lives… Ours is the party that first supported women’s right to vote, and we have a history in the fight against slavery and the fight for civil rights. Our aim is to create opportunities for the poor and expand the middle class. It’s a profound misperception that ours is the party of the wealthy or the elite.

Black Republican man