Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake

Part historical fiction, part psychological horror, Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake is the first of a six-part series chronicling the malicious mavens and pop-profiteers of America’s Evangelical movement, as remembered by a mentally ill boy who was once the biggest child star of the scene.

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Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake - book cover

About the Book

Over the last four years Jacob Sloan has lived naked and alone within an abandoned island hotel, smoking cannabis, eating squirrels and swimming in a lake that contains a dark secret. As memory slowly begins to flower in his brain, Jacob recalls the traumatic events that lead him to the island, describing a childhood spent in fear of barcodes, the Antichrist, and being abandoned in the ever-nearing Rapture. In addition to his tales of madness and murder on an Iowa farm, Jacob also recounts the true story of how California’s acid-fueled hippies of the 1960s became the religious-right of the 1980s.


"An expertly crafted debut. One of the finest novels to come out of Denver's burgeoning arts scene."

"Terrifying. Mixing childhood nostalgia, nightmarish surrealism, and pop history, Hesse traces the lines between revolutionary, drug-addled 60s subculture, and the rightwing, evangelical movement that has defined the last 50 years of political strife in the United States."

"The characters are vivid, the story compelling, the homespun similes are priceless."


Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake - book cover

Author: Josiah Hesse
Genres: Atheism, Literary Fiction, Psychological Horror
Publisher: Suspect Press Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 0986050695
ISBN: 9780986050695
List Price: $12.00
eBook Price: $5.00

About the Author

Josiah Hesse is an author and journalist from Denver, Colorado, whose work has appeared in Vice, Esquire, and The Guardian. He is senior editor of the arts and literature magazine, Suspect Press, and author of the psychological horror novel, “Carnality: Dancing On Red Lake.” His work focuses on the childhood trauma inflicted by evangelical Christian culture, seasoned with a bit of humor and pop-culture wisdom.