Ben Roy’s ‘No Enlightenment in Sobriety’ is motivational misery for misanthropic minds (Review)

If you follow modern stand-up comedy even casually, youʼre probably aware that booze and drugs arenʼt celebrated today like they once were. Humor superstars like Chris Hardwick, Marc Maron and Russell Brand have all become disciples of sobriety, bemoaning their dark years wasted as cross-eyed drunks.

And it would be easy to dismiss Denver comic Ben Roy as just another addition to the Live, From The Wagon! comedy generation, if he didnʼt spend half his career reminding everyone how bad the wagon smells, as he does in his newest comedy album (available April 15), No Enlightenment In Sobriety. “Iʼve been sober for three years, and Iʼm not any happier or a better person,” Roy says on the new record. “Quitting drinking just takes the liquid earmuffs off your head, and now your demons are way fucking louder than they were before.”

Ben Roy